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Management Team

The warmth and spirit of the Fijian people are the heart and soul behind Wakaya Perfection. Time honored values of honor, integrity, respect, hard work, joy, and celebration permeate every aspect of our company. We call it The Wakaya Way, it's the way we do business and life.

Todd Smith




Originally from Idaho, Todd Smith now resides just outside of Salt Lake City, Utah with his bustling family. He’s a do-it-first leader with a well-earned reputation as a trailblazer, teacher, and mentor.  Always hands-on, he prefers a solid handshake to a necktie, and his decades of excellence in the Network Marketing Industry have positioned him perfectly as the co-founder of Wakaya Perfection.


It was just over 20 years ago, when Todd found himself in an interesting predicament; working part-time, attending law school, and with triplets on the way.  How could he continue work, school, and help to take care of three new babies?  It was about that time that Todd was introduced to a home based business concept that would not only allow him to earn a living while spending time with his young family, it would eventually replace his chosen vocation and become a fruitful career.  That business concept was Network Marketing.

Early in his career, Todd joined forces with Blake Graham, another struggling college student, and they went to work.  They eventually joined a company called Youngevity Life Sciences, embracing the unique advantages that Network Marketing gives to the nutritional supplement industry.  Within a few short years, they led the charge in building the organization across the US and solidly into International markets, including New Zealand, Australia, and Japan.

In 2015, Todd stretched his entrepreneurial wings and opened an all-natural Asian fusion restaurant called ChiKu, putting a practical application to his years of health and wellness education and advocacy.  As ChiKu grows to multiple locations, it remains one of the few restaurants of its kind in Utah and across the country.

In 2016, Todd embarked on his most ambitious and aggressive venture, joining forces with one of the most successful entrepreneurs of our time, David H. Gilmour.  Mr. Gilmour’s staunch focus on the purity of Wakaya Island and its products meshed perfectly with Todd’s desire to take those products to the world, for the betterment of both.

When not at Wakaya Perfection’s Lindon, UT offices, Todd can be found with his family in his Alpine, UT home.  His wife Darcia and his 8 daughters keep him very busy as the eldest triplets enter college and global missions.

Bill Andreoli




Over his 27-year career in the Industry, his team-focused mentality has contributed to accelerated revenue growth, elevated brand awareness and increased market share for multiple companies. As President of Wakaya Perfection, Andreoli oversees all operations of the company's initiatives in the US and in select global markets.


A native New Englander, William “Bill” Andreoli, even at a young age, was a restless entrepreneur. At just 18, with just a few marketing and business classes under his belt, he put his natural skills to work in his family’s landmark restaurant, MaryAnn’s Diner, in Derry, New Hampshire. Overseeing its operations and working alongside his family, Bill cultivated a set of strong traditional values and leadership skills. It was these experiences that cultivated Bill’s desire to always provide the premiere customer experience, which has remained a defining pillar throughout his career. Andreoli’s underlying values of authenticity and integrity have made cultivating relationships natural, which has been and remains the foundation of his success, regardless of field or scope. He has built an impeccable reputation through his character, hard work and unflappable entrepreneurial spirit.

Ever ambitious, while still working in his family business, Bill entered the network marketing industry. Throughout his career he successfully marketed a diverse array of products ranging from nutritional products and telecom to financial services and more. By the age of 33, Bill launched his own company, Financial Destination (“FDI”), offering affordable, yet custom financial services and financial literacy education. As President of FDI, Bill crafted and drove its successful marketing campaigns and grappled with his morbid fear of public speaking by hosting motivational speaking engagements, assisting his own, and mentoring others’ personal development. Over the coming years, FDI flourished, eventually merging with Youngevity International, where he remained President of the new company, catapulting it from near obscurity into the coveted “top 100” in global sales.

Over his 27-year career in the Industry, his team-focused mentality has contributed to accelerated revenue growth, elevated brand awareness and increased market share for multiple companies. His uncanny ability to reinforce a simple marketing message, streamline operations with a bottom line focus, all while putting the needs of the customer first, has punctuated his accomplished reputation.

As President of Wakaya Perfection, Andreoli oversees all operations of the company's initiatives in the US and in select global markets. He is responsible for refining the product focus and executing Wakaya Perfection’s mission statement. He works collaboratively across the company to execute strategies that will continue to strengthen the Wakaya Perfection brand and maintain is powerful ability of enhancing people’s lives.

Bill is still involved with MaryAnn’s Diner (highly successful and now 3 restaurants strong) and resides in Windham, New Hampshire with his wife Duyen and three children, Kylee, Parker and Kiana.

Mike Randolph

Executive VP



Mike Randolph is a 24-year veteran of the Network Marketing Industry and has broad experience in the areas of field leadership, sales training, and operations. As Executive Vice President, Mike is responsible for the development and execution of the company’s product pricing and commissions’ strategy, as well as provides oversight and support to the executive team.


Originally from Southern California, New Hampshire-based Mike Randolph is a 24-year veteran of the Network Marketing Industry. His understanding of executive and field leadership, sales training, and operations comes from his practical experience as a field leader, product designer, corporate executive, and business owner.  Mike began his career path at the University of California as a pre-med student focusing on biology and genetics.  Over time, however, he realized that medicine was someone else’s dream, not his own.  After concluding his university studies in 1986, Mike flourished in commercial construction as a project estimator and manager, and shortly after in the field of import/export of exotic tile and stone.  It was in 1992 that he was introduced to the Network Marketing Industry.  Armed initially only with the desire to upgrade his car payment, he soon realized the power and global significance of this underappreciated industry.

Mike learned the business at first by making every mistake possible.  It took 18 months before he realized that the rules that had served him so well in Corporate America, didn’t apply here.  With the help of great mentors and an overwhelming desire to win, he not only succeeded in Network Marketing, the industry fueled his entrepreneurial spirit and propelled him into other businesses such as computer hardware and software design, and consulting work in the areas of sales training and personal development.

In 2005, Mike was introduced to Mr. William “Bill” Andreoli, a young entrepreneur with promising Network Marketing company called Financial Destination (FDI).  Initially, just providing a custom financial service for his rapidly growing customer base, Mike eventually joined Bill’s corporate team as VP of Leadership Development alongside Mike Kolinski, the company’s VP of Operations.  His position eventually grew to that of Executive Vice President, where he oversaw product pricing, compliance, and intra-network communications, as well as a bevy of internal and external functions.

During his tenure as a corporate executive, Mike has also honed his skills as a copywriter, marketer, and public speaker.  He has assisted in the writing and editing of several industry books, penned successful marketing campaigns, and helped drive a company from obscurity to the coveted global top 100 in sales.  His passions for the business revolve around teaching the simple, yet esoteric principles of entrepreneurship and personal development.

Today, as Executive Vice President of Wakaya Perfection, Mike works closely with the President, conferring on nearly all facets of the business.  He is responsible for the development and execution of the company’s product pricing and commissions’ strategy, as well as provides oversight and support to the entire executive team.  He plays a lead role in hosting corporate conference calls, webinars, and is the emcee for conventions, rallies, and regional events.

Mike is a family man, enjoying New England life in the Boston suburb of Salem, New Hampshire with his son Austin, girlfriend Melissa, and her two daughters Kylie and Megan.

Patti Gardner

VP Sales & Training



Patti has been in the direct selling industry for over 29 years and is tirelessly passionate about empowering others to enjoy the freedom to work from home. As the Vice President of Sales and Training she oversees the company’s sales strategy, training programs and the production of company special events.


A native of Las Vegas, Nevada, Patti Gardner began her career as an entrepreneur in the network marketing industry in Party Planning when she was 18 years old.  In 1982, she ventured into the direct selling industry when she joined Tupperware as a distributor.  It was here where Patti further cultivated her sales skills and successfully contributed to the company’s growth.

Gardner co-founded and co-owned a Party Planning start up company in her garage at age 22. Patti quickly found a passion for the industry and was personally empowered by the life changing, incredible benefits it offered to women. Patti utilized her natural ability to motivate and inspire others, to help them achieve their own financial and time freedom.  Their company successfully grew and moved into a 15,000 sq. ft. manufacturing and distribution center in Salem, UT.  Patti later sold her share in the company in pursuit of other entrepreneurial opportunities.

1987 Patti, inspired once again by her entrepreneurial spirit, co-founded and co-owned a party plan company called The Story Teller. The Story Teller developed an edutainment product in the form of soft, felt learning-boards that helped educate children through an interactive storytelling platform while encouraging creativity and self-expression. She led the company strategy and spearheaded its grass roots efforts, hosting local home parties and interactive demonstrations at crafting fairs. In 1991 the company expanded, creating its own manufacturing vertical, which allowed a more cost-effective and streamlined operation, in order to manufacture their products in-house. In her role, Patti led distributor services, field training, growth incentives as well as strategic marketing campaigns. She and her team successfully grew The Story Teller to over 5,000 distributors and over $8 million in sales.

In 2007, Patti became the Director of Sales for Heritage Makers, a unique Party Plan company that specialized in preserving priceless memories through an innovative digital publishing platform.  In 2010 she was promoted to President of the company. In her new role, she was responsible for the company strategy, growth and the development of the Field.  Due to Patti and her team’s success, Youngevity, a natural health company, acquired Heritage Makers in 2013. As part of the acquisition, she was named the Vice President of Sales for Youngevity and she was responsible for the coordination of corporation business meetings, special events and spearheaded incentive programming.

Patti has been in the direct selling industry for over 29 years and is tirelessly passionate about empowering others to enjoy the freedom to work from home, live their priorities and reach their dreams as successful, independent business owners. Her significant experience and savvy expertise in leadership training, team building, business building strategies, compensation plans, sales strategies, special events and incentive programs have contributed to her accomplished career.

In 2016, Patti joined Wakaya Perfection as the Vice President of Sales and Training. In her new role, she oversees the company’s sales strategy, training programs and the production of company special events. She is responsible for company training meetings, incentive development, ideating pricing models and executing sales recognition programs, while continuously supporting Wakaya Perfection’s mission statement. Patti works collaboratively across the company with all executives, leaders and ambassadors to execute effective sales strategies that continue to strengthen the Wakaya Perfection brand and maintain is powerful ability of enhancing people’s lives.

Mike Casperson

VP Operations



For over 27 years, Mike Casperson has been directly involved in the direct-selling industry, on multiple levels. Over his career, Mike has helped countless numbers of entrepreneurs realize their greatest goals and dreams.


For over 27 years, Mike Casperson has been directly involved in the direct-selling industry, on multiple levels. Over his career, Mike has helped countless numbers of entrepreneurs realize their greatest goals and dream. He has consulted with many direct sales companies, helping to create and implement business development opportunities and strategies. He has also successfully developed and deployed sales and member referral compensation models. Casperson has directed the efforts to overhaul, restructure, and streamline entire organizations to reflect core values and relationship expectations of parent companies. Casperson has proven time and again that unleashing goodness in others is the key to success.

Casperson has been an avid and fervent contributor to several of the industry’s most successful companies, including 12 years at the 2-billion-dollar company, Nu Skin Enterprises. Mike has a proven and successful track record in sales, corporate development and leadership. He has effectively implemented and is committed to solid distributor relationship models and systems that are integral to the positive and successful distributor experience at every level.

In 2016, Casperson joined Wakaya Perfection as Vice President of Operations. In this role, he oversees the company’s operations and logistics from chain supply to fulfillment and more. He strives for operational excellence and superior customer service.  He works collaboratively across the company to execute seamless operations that continue to strengthen the Wakaya Perfection brand and maintain its powerful ability of enhancing people’s lives.

Mike resides in Utah with his wife, Liz and his 6 Children, Christopher, Cameron, Anna, Emily, Connor and Collin.

Brytt Cloward

VP Marketing



Over his 15-year career in the Industry, Brytt’s entrepreneurial spirit and expertise in starting-up and establishing businesses has contributed to the growth of many companies. As Vice President of Marketing he oversees the company’s overall marketing, promotional and branding strategies.


A native of Utah, Brytt Cloward, was exposed to the Network Marketing Industry at a very young age.  His father worked for Nature’s Sunshine, a direct sales nutritional company, and his family enjoyed the products and vibrant health a result. His mother became a top distributor in an educational book direct selling company and, during his teenage years, he helped support her team by creating newsletters, helping with mailings, attending shows and fairs, and sharing the products with others. This experience opened his eyes to the incredible business potential and flexibility of a home-based business. When his father became a well- known consultant for the Direct Selling industry, Brytt assisted him consulting and quickly learned that lasting companies have strong corporate leadership teams.

Brytt graduated Magna Cum Laude with a business degree at Utah Valley State College and then went on to receive his MBA from Brigham Young University.  During this time, he learned to efficiently multitask by juggling school, a demanding career and a young family.

As Brytt grew within the network marketing industry, he realized that he shared his father’s passion for it, and before long they both began brainstorming a venture of their own. They focused on developing a business based on a strong mission, timeless values, and a product that could make a lasting impact in someone’s life. In 2004 they partnered with Sharon Murdoch, who shared their interest in family heritage and storytelling, and they launched Heritage Makers. Heritage Makers was a pioneer in helping people celebrate their photos through its online book publishing system. As the company grew, Brytt played a key role in managing all facets of the company’s operations and soon moved into sales and marketing.

In 2013, Heritage Makers was acquired by Youngevity, a nutritional product company, and Brytt accepted the role of Vice President of Marketing. He helped define the company’s core messaging, executed extensive research projects, identified specific values and placed strategic focus on communications and promotional strategies.  Brytt and his team developed a successful branding strategy and corporate/distributor marketing website strategy, which ultimately helped to contribute to the company’s growth of 187% in two years.

Over his 15-year career in the Industry, Brytt’s entrepreneurial spirit and expertise in starting-up, establishing, and generating profitability for businesses has contributed to the growth of several companies. His experience in sales and marketing, his energetic leadership style and his passion for creating highly effective, motivated teams has punctuated his accomplished reputation.

In 2016, Brytt joined Wakaya Perfection as Vice President of Marketing.  In this new role, he oversees the company’s overall marketing, promotional and branding strategies. He is responsible for the creation and implementation of the company marketing activities and executing Wakaya Perfection’s mission statement.  He works collaboratively across the company to execute marketing and promotional strategies that will continue to strengthen the Wakaya Perfection brand and maintain is powerful ability of enhancing people’s lives.

Steve Schulz

VP Training & Field Development

Steve Schulz


An industry veteran, Steve Schulz is Vice President of Training and Field Development. Steve oversees field business and compensation training, as well as provide support for Customer and Ambassador acquisition efforts.


Schulz, a 27-year veteran in the network marketing industry, brings a combination of entrepreneurial spirit and a diverse background with him to this new role.  When he was first introduced to the industry, he was full time school teacher looking for more financial success.  Starting part-time, as many entrepreneurs do, it only took a him a year to earn enough to replace his wife Colleen’s income.  18 months later, he was able to join the ranks of full-time network marketing professionals, building a significant income and leaving his teaching career in the process.  “Unlike Corporate America,” he mused, “this industry is built by do-it-first leaders who lead by example – and even though technology has changed the way people communicate, the fundamentals remain the same.”

“I am thrilled that Steve is now part of our team,” said William Andreoli, President of Wakaya. “He brings a wealth of experience, shares our core values, and focuses on delivering innovative products that enhance lives; placing the same strong emphasis on providing our Ambassadors the tools they need to succeed.  Of course, it doesn’t hurt that he’s worked with our team in the past…  It’s almost like a family reunion!”

Commenting on his role, Schulz added, “Even if you knew what you were looking for, you could search your entire life and not find a company like Wakaya, with its remarkable founder, Mr. David H Gilmour, it’s amazing story that comes straight from Wakaya Island itself, and especially with our outstanding corporate and field leadership teams. This is the stuff that billion-dollar companies are made of! A dream come true for me and my family.”

Tomomichi Ishida

Country Manager for Wakaya Perfection Japan

Tomomichi Ishida Country Manager for Wakaya Perfection Japan


Tomomichi (Tomo) brings decades of experience in the areas of economics, banking and international business in addition to his more esoteric knowledge of direct sales of nutritional products.  He is the proud father of 5 children, an avid sports fan – and player.  He credits his success in traditional business and network marketing to his strict adherence to a code of honesty, integrity, gratitude, and a constant awareness that business exists to nurture people, not the other way around.


“We’re very excited to welcome Mr. Ishida to the team,” said Todd Smith, Co-founder of Wakaya. “It’s rare to find a person of his caliber that has all the right experience in all the right places.” Mr. Ishida later added “It’s equally rare to find a company that not only has meaningful products but is founded in the principles of Integrity and humanity.  You call it the Wakaya Way, I call it essential to good business.”

Wakaya’s President, William Andreoli remarked that Mr. Ishida is in perfect alignment with Wakaya’s GT CORE product strategy, noting that the appearance and acceleration of chronic health issues are not limited to the United States, but are in Japan as well. “In Japan,” added Tomo, “we revere the Western World, but not just pop culture it seems; in escalating poor health as well.  It’s gratifying to work with a company that has chosen to sound the alarm and bring attention to this growing crisis. I look forward to doing my part to change America and Japan, one family at a time.”

"Real Estate portfolios, gold mines, and electronics cannot compare to the power of tangibly improving the health, and the wealth, of the people we serve."  

–David Gilmour









Advisory Team

Our Advisory Team provides insight, education and training to help improve the health and lifestyle of each of our customers and Ambassadors.

Blake Graham

Health Advisory Board Chairman

 As the board Chairman, Mr. Graham coordinates with other board members, consults and advises on product philosophy and formulations, and helps to refine and simplify the Wakaya product messaging.


Blake is not only fluent in the languages of health and wealth, but he also speaks Japanese. He currently resides with his family in Japan, overseeing Wakaya’s Japan operations, but with Wakaya’s recent appointment of a Country Manager for Japan, will be relocating to the US to assume his Chairman duties as well as to give business building and wellness seminars to large crowds in person and on various social media platforms.  His fundamental strength is to reduce complex health concepts into simple and easy to understand illustrations, elevating the understanding of distributors and customers alike.

​“We’ve been wanting Blake to fulfill this role for some time now,” said Todd Smith, Co-founder of Wakaya. “He not only brings a wealth of knowledge and capabilities; he has over two decades of experience in the direct sales of health and wellness products.  His dogged determination and drive for the truth, has helped to unlock a greater understanding of our high-impact ginger and turmeric and their power in the marketplace.”  Mr. Graham later added “In today’s fast paced and high-tech world, the advantage goes to the products that bridge the gap between modern science and ancient health secrets – and we’ve done just that here at Wakaya.”

Mr. Graham and Wakaya are pioneers, but not alone in their disdain for the sharp increases in chronic health issues plaguing our Country over the past couple of decades.  In a conversation with Bill Andreoli, Wakaya’s President, Blake commented, “In the Western World, we’ve gotten really good at developing prescription drugs and other medications that cover up symptoms, but don’t always address the often simple issues at hand.  It’s like trying to refill a tire with air without first removing the nails and patching the holes – which, as you can imagine, never works long-term.”  With an empowering smile, he added “It’s so simple, that even the most intelligent professionals frequently miss it.  Give the body what it needs, and it can often not only repair damage, but defend itself against the ravages of our modern and toxic world.”


Owen McKibbin

BulaFIT Coach, Fitness Veteran, 13+ Men's Health Cover Model, creator of the BulaFIT Warrior Fitness Program

Owen is one of the most credible and recognizable personalities in the health and fitness world. He currently can be seen on the immensely successful infomercial “The Rack Workout” all in one gym. Owen’s exclusive “Zone Progression Training” is the break through fitness solution to get you strong, lean and ripped for life.


Owen was discovered while playing volleyball at the infamous Will Rodgers State Beach in Santa Monica. World famous photographer Bruce Weber shot Owen in his first job for Polo Sport/Ralph Lauren. That same month Owen also was photographed for world wide advertising campaigns for Guess Jeans with Claudia Schiffer, and Hugo Boss. Owen has gone on to be one of the most sought after and recognizable men in the business.

Born and raised in Hawaii, Owen Mckibbin, the youngest in a family of eight children, is a graduate of the prestigious Punahou High School and the University of Southern California, where he majored in communications. He was Hawaii State Champion in three sports, volleyball, soccer, and canoeing. As a pro beach volleyball player, Owen achieved nationwide recognition representing the United States in a number of World Championships.

Perhaps best known for his seventeen covers of Men’s Health magazine, the world’s most popular men’s magazine, Owen has established himself as a leading voice in dialogue on health and fitness. (Each issue of Men’s Health featuring Owen has sold in excess of one million copies more than any other issue.)  His celebrity clientele ranges from Zac Efron and Blake Lively to Jessica Simpson, Amber Valetta and more.

Owen and his fitness message have been feature by CBS News, The New York Times, People Magazine, The View, Extra TV, and Entertainment Tonight, to name a few. His informative health and fitness segments for the hit television show, Extra, helped catapult those episode’s rating to triple their normal size.

Owen has always remained in tip-top shape despite 2 major back surgeries. He was a spokesman for Bowflex for 5 years and in 2004, because of his un-paralleled level of fitness, Owen was coaxed into coming out of retirement and back onto the sand. Although he hadn’t touched a volleyball in over 10 years, he competed once again on the AVP tour for another year and a half.

His first book, commissioned by Rodale Press, The Men’s Health Cover Model Workout, Body Sculpting Secrets of the World’s Top Fitness Model, has received praise throughout the fitness industry for its insightful and concise approach to fitness and well-being. It is currently available throughout North America, the United Kingdom, and Puerto Rico.

Represented by the prestigious LA Models, Owen has appeared in major print or television campaigns for such clients as Polo by Ralph Lauren, 2x-ist, Gillette, and Hugo Boss and more.

Owen acts exclusively as Wakaya Perfection’s Celebrity Fitness Expert and oversees the BulaFIT System which is a ketogenic lifestyle that balances diet modification with fitness. Currently Owen resides in Santa Monica California with his 14 year-old son, Blaze.


Dr. Randy Lundell DO

Health and Ketogenic Expert 

Dr. Lundell is a Board Certified in Family Medicine and believes in taking a personal and Functional Medicine approach to treatment. He has also completed a fellowship in Functional Medicine. Dr Lundell has used the ketogenic lifestyle for years to help his patients improve their overall wellness and health.


After serving 7 years as a Military Family Physician and serving a tour of duty in Iraq,  he has helped numerous military families with hormone balancing and routine family, pediatric and gynecological care.  He opened his own practice in Utah the June of 2010 in Spanish Fork, Utah called Health Rejuvenation Institute. Dr. Lundell is a runner, avid golfer, and gym lover.

Kristy Kaminski

BulaFIT Coach, FORD Model, Personal Trainer and Fitness Competitor

Kristy’s passion for people and fitness after college led to a career in personal training as well as her first Network Marketing company. Within the first year, she attained a free car and created her first six-figure income. You may also recognize Kristy from Season 17 of ABC’s, The Bachelor. You may also recognize her from one of the many ads that she has been published in as a former, professional FORD model for over nine years.


Raised in a small town from Wisconsin, Kristy created the ideal around brains and beauty. She received a bachelor's degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison specializing in Communication Arts, Marketing and Gender Studies. Kristy also competed in her first world fitness show for the WBFF in 2015 and placed in the bikini and commercial model category overall. During her time at Madison, she represented one of twenty Big Ten AXE Brand ambassadors that pioneered the way for AXE body wash for men to become global in hair care. Alongside her many ventures, she runs a successful lifestyle and fitness blog. Kristy has dedicated her life to inspiring people to find what it means to create light in life, which she believes begins with helping others.


Dr. JeNeen Ridgeway

Chiropractor and a Traditional Naturopathic Doctor

Dr. JeNeen Ridgeway is an Atlanta Chiropractor and a Traditional Naturopathic Doctor, practicing Holistic Healthcare since 2006. She specializes in clinical nutrition, allergy desensitizing, and natural hormone balancing.

A native of Buffalo, New York, she relocated to Atlanta to attend Spelman College, where she earned her B.S. in Mathematics. She was drawn to the natural healing arts because of her desire to help people achieve optimal health and her strong belief that the body was created to heal itself.


Wakaya Perfection adds Dr. JeNeen Ridgeway, DC, BCND to the Wakaya Perfection Health Advisory Board.  As a board member, Dr. Ridgeway will consult and advise on product philosophy, formulations, as well as help to carry the Wakaya story to the millions of people looking for more health, wealth, and time freedom.

“I am excited to have Dr. JeNeen join our health advisory board,” said Todd Smith, Co-founder of Wakaya. “She brings a wealth of knowledge, experience, and shares our core values.  Like the other health practitioners on the (Advisory) Board, she also believes that modern medicine and prescription drugs aren’t necessarily the best place to start when helping people to feel better, look better, or live longer.”  Dr. Ridgeway added, “More often than not, health challenges arise, not from a shortage of pharmaceutical medicines, but from too many toxins, too much systemic stress, and not enough basic nutrition.”

Dr. Ridgeway and Wakaya are pioneers, but not alone in their disdain for the sharp increases in chronic health issues plaguing our Country over the past couple of decades.  In a conversation with Bill Andreoli, Wakaya’s President, she commented, “The toxic environment in which we live has our immune systems constantly on high alert and our over industrialized food production is robbing us of the nutrition it takes to fight off those toxins.  While most people are concerned about economic inflation stealing our money, it is systemic inflammation that is stealing our health, and ultimately, our lives.  Wakaya is one of the few companies that has taken a stand, sounded the alarm, and wants to do something about it.  I now have a vehicle that will empower me to help countless more people than I ever could on my own.”


Chef William Sellner

International Polo Club Palm Beach 
and HSN Celebrity Chef

Chef William started his career at the Colony Inn Hotel in New
Haven, Connecticut. He worked his way up the ladder, learning classic French cuisine and emerging Creole flavors from Executive Chef
Anton Pipenbacher. His next source of inspiration was under the Italian cuisine tutelage of Chef Marc Colle at Il Villano Restaurant in Westport, Connecticut.


The following year Chef William was appointed the Executive Chef position at the Bluenose, where he elevated the hotel to AAA-Four Diamond
status. He moved on to Michelle’s, another ne dining establishment in Bar Harbor, which achieved and maintained a AAA-Four Diamond rating for 11 years, until his departure. He went to work as Chef de Cuisine for Donald Trump’s private club Mar-A-Lago in Palm Beach, Florida, and later became Executive Sous Chef. He also worked under the direction of Karl Heinz Hauser, a 3-star Michelin chef. After his time at Mar-A-Lago, Chef William accepted his current position of Executive Chef at the International Polo Club, Palm Beach where he currently oversees four properties on the East Coast.  In addition, Chef William acts as a Celebrity Chef on HSN with Wakaya Perfection.


  • AAA-Four Diamond rating, 13 years in a row
  • Featured in Boston Magazine “3 Days in Bar Harbor” (2007)
  • Appearances on the Food Network; Univision
  • Recipes featured in the The Color Code, by James A Joseph, PhD.
  • Featured in “The Dish” (Palm Beach Post, 2011)
  • Featured in Palm Beach Illustrated Magazine (2013)
  • Named one of Wellington Florida’s Top Chefs (2014)


Karyn Grant

Health Advisory Board Member

As a board member, Ms. Grant consults and advises on product philosophy and formulations, as well as help to refine and simplify the Wakaya product messaging.

Karyn, a Southern California native, is not only a Licensed Massage Therapist, but also a singer, songwriter, author, and public speaker. Her holistic approach to therapy includes emotional healing as much as physical; mentoring the heart, mind, body, and spirit with music, massage, meditation, and aromatherapy.  She leverages the power of all senses, with the modern and ancient influences of essential oils and meditation to address every restorative pathway available to her clients.


“Karyn’s high EQ brings an empathetic voice of compassion to our somewhat clinical (Health Advisory) board.,” said Todd Smith, Co-founder of Wakaya. “She expands our understanding that a simple question like ‘How do you feel?’ goes far beyond the physical wellbeing of those we serve.” Ms. Grant added “One of the greatest shortcomings of modern medicine is in not appreciating the value of emotional welfare in fighting physical health challenges.  For thousands of years, our forebearers relied on all 5 senses for healing, so should we.”

Bill Andreoli, President of Wakaya Perfection, commented on the growing market awareness of essential oils, “The consumer demand for high quality essential oils is growing steadily across the US and around the world.  With Karyn joining the team, we now have expertise that is on par with the efficacy of our globally sourced oils.  With the highest quality people and products, our Ambassadors will no doubt make a global impact – she is the perfect addition to our board of health experts.”


Dain Blanton

Olympic Volleyball Gold Medalist

On September 26, 2000, Blanton and his volleyball partner Eric Fonoimoana struck gold at the Olympic Games in Sydney, Australia. It was one of the biggest upsets in the history of the sport when they took down the world's top-seeded team from Brazil. Dain was introduced to the BulaFIT system in 2017 and is passionate about Wakaya's mission to help others take control of their health through healthy nutrition and exercise.


After graduating high school and receiving a scholarship in volleyball, Dain went on to earn his teaching credential in Physical Education, win a volleyball National Championship and graduate with degree in Public Relations while at Pepperdine University. Upon graduating he joined the Pro Beach Volleyball tour and became the first African American to win a major title when he won the Hermosa Beach Grand Slam in 1997. From there, Blanton directed his energy and attention toward a new goal of becoming one of the best players in the world. On September 26, 2000, Blanton and his volleyball partner Eric Fonoimoana struck gold at the Olympic Games in Sydney, Australia. It was one of the biggest upsets in the history of the sport when they took down the world's top-seeded team from Brazil. More than 10,000 spectators cheered as Blanton and Fonoimoana played a near-perfect tournament and stunned the Brazilians to reach the pinnacle of the sport.

In 2007, Blanton turned his focus to sports broadcasting. He began broadcasting beach volleyball games for a small cable station and then got an opportunity at Fox Sports West to cover high school football. From that start he has been climbing the ladder covering many sports including NBA, Beach Volleyball, NCAA College (Volleyball, Basketball and Football) and MLB while working for ABC, NBC, ESPN, Fox Sports Net and Universal Sports Network.

Blanton is currently the broadcast analyst for NCAA women's college volleyball for ESPN, Pro Beach Volleyball worldwide (AVP and FIVB Tours) One of Dain’s dream now is to go back to the Olympics in 2016, but this time as a broadcaster, to cover the sport that has given him so much. After achieving Gold in 2000, Dain found himself in a unique position to lead and inspire. He has found his passion in mentoring and being a role model to help the next generation by traveling to schools nationwide conducting workshops and motivational speaking engagements.


Carlos Velasquez

Celebrity Fitness Host and Elite Advantage Personal Trainer

Carlos Velasquez is a New York-based Celebrity Fitness Host for People en Espanol Facebook.  Carlos is also an elite Advantage Trainer for Equinox Fitness, the world leader in luxury sports and fitness complexes and voted Best Gyms in America by Fitness Magazine. Carlos focuses on achieving long-term results through challenging and diverse workouts balanced with the Ketogenic nutritional strategy.


Carlos is widely recognized for his expertise in functional training and his dedication to developing innovative fitness techniques. With over 15 years in the fitness industry, his dynamic approach, endless energy and vast knowledge add to the effectiveness of the experience his clients enjoy. With a client list as diverse as his training methods, Carlos emphasizes strength training that can be shifted from the gym to daily life.  Carlos’s innovative approach in creating and maintaining a positive mindset and improvising to keep workouts effective has placed him in high demand.  His commitment to the Ketogenic lifestyle has influenced many of his clients and he has assisted them in their fat loss transformations.

Carlos holds a degree in Networking Technology and is certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine. Carlos has been featured in Esquire Magazine, The New York Post, Fitness Magazine and more.  His social media presence as the Celebrity Fitness Host of People en Espanol Facebook has garnered hundreds of thousands of followers and his fitness and nutritional focus on Instagram has made him a social media sensation.